Flying with a toddler

This past weekend, Dad and I flew to Knoxville, TN.  I have a great aunt that lives there, and I wanted to get Daughter Person on a plane before we had to pay for a seat for her.  We had a direct flight both ways and we had her in our laps.

The flight from IAD to TYS was not a very good one.  Upon the recommendation of a *lot* of people online, we scheduled the flight during her nap time, and we walked the entire length of the A/B gates at IAD to tire her out beforehand – hoping she’d sleep on the flight.  No such luck – she was wide awake and about 3/4 of the way through the flight she was “all done”, and we had to try explaining to her that we had to stay in our seats and we couldn’t leave for another 30 minutes. Flights during naptime are not our thing.

On the way home, she took a morning nap, waking up just as we were about to leave for the airport.  She was a perfect angel on that flight.  Even held onto our luggage after we’d picked it up at baggage claim while Dad wet to find where the stroller was.

We took the stroller with us, but that was just something to lug around.  She wasn’t interested at all in riding in it – instead she walked everywhere – inside the airports, at the Knoxville Zoo, and we never touched the stroller.  We checked it at the counter on the way home (which is why Dad had to go looking for it – it came out at oversized baggage).  Next trip, we probably won’t bother unless we know we’ll be out all day (like at an amusement park).

We bought some of the Crayola Magic Color markers (or something like that), which only write on their special paper – we didn’t want to have to be cleaning crayon marks off the airplane or my aunt’s house.  And we took a set of flashcards.  We’d hold them up and tell her what color or what it was, and then she’d grab one and “ask” what it was.  Those have been put away for the next long trip…

Hope everyone on the East coast is safe!

I hope that everyone is still safe after Sandy this week. Living in the DC metro area, we had our fair share of rain and wind, but overall, I think we came out OK. We’ve got some drywall damage where rain came in and spread along the ceiling, but otherwise, no issues here.

We were ready for a power outage of a few days though. We bought a generator while we were in OH this weekend and brought it home with us. Luckily, we didn’t have to use it, but we’ve said to ourselves multiple times that it’d be nice to have one – so there was an unexpected $650 purchase (which we get 11% back on from Menard’s), and I have no idea how much it will take to fix the leak, but we’ve got 2x our deductible in savings, and it’s a high deductible, so we may not even need to make a claim. We’re going to get an estimate first.

Freezer Cooking Taste Results

I’ve now been traveling for over a week, with this past weekend spent at home.  Dad enjoyed the Sesame Salmon and the Shrimp Curry, and I got to enjoy the Ginger Beef and Sesame-Soy Sirloin.  I really liked the beef dishes, although I think I’d use filet or flank rather than sirloin for that recipe next time.  I’m just not a huge fan of sirloin – even if it is USDA prime meat.

Daughter Person reportedly enjoyed the Salmon, but had trouble picking it up with her fork and it made her frustrated.  She tried the Ginger Beef, but again, frustration with picking it up.  It did go into her mouth and didn’t come back out, so that’s a success in our book.

As a treat, we introduced Daughter Person to sushi this weekend.  We went to a local sushi restaurant that we enjoy, and ordered either cooked fish or vegetable sushi, and shared it with Daughter Person.  I don’t like fish, much less raw fish, so I keep to the veggie sushi – my favorite is oshinko, not Daughter Person’s favorite.  She liked the rice, ate an avocado maki roll, and played with a california maki roll a bit.  She was more interested in the “kid’s” chopsticks we got for her (with the rubber band and rolled sleeve).  She’s not going to be using chopsticks anytime soon, but she was able to pick a few things up by clamping them together with her fist.

Time Value of Money

I’ve taken the game theory class through coursera previously, and really enjoyed it.  I signed up for the cryptography class, but life got in the way and I had to “drop out”.  The Intro to Finance class just started.  So far, it’s a repetition of the engineering economics class I had in grad school (time value of money), but it got me thinking – when I generally do “math in my head”, I don’t generally consider the time value of money – it’s a bit of math, and I generally don’t feel like getting out Excel to do the math – especially when the interest rates are changing monthly (makes the math really nasty).

Does it really matter?  Technically, yes, it does, but the amounts for the balances I have are pretty small that they kind of get lost in the shuffle.  If you’re working with very large balances – like figuring out how much you need to retire on or how much you need to save for college, then it makes sense to consider it, but I don’t think it’s that big of a deal in daily use (unless you’re running a business)

Daughter Person is home

We went up to Grandma’s to pick up Daughter Person this weekend. We were already planning on visiting and taking Daughter Person to Kennywood – an old amusement park that I grew up at. We met up with our roller coaster riding friends and spent the morning in kiddieland. She loved it. We only took her on rides that an adult could ride with her, but unlike other kids who cried while they were on the ride, she cried when we had to take her off the ride. She’s also not that great at waiting in lines. Grandma took her home after about 6 hours and Dad and I stayed with our friends to ride the ‘big’ rides until closing.

We’re now in the car on the way home – Dad is driving, and we’ll be getting ready to start our routines again – including only one nap per day at daycare.