About Mom

I’m a 34yr old consultant, married to Dad, and mother of Daughter Person, who’s almost 2 years.

I travel for work – a lot – and I enjoy it (especially elite status!).  When first getting pregnant, that didn’t stop me from traveling all the way through 8 mths (the airlines said no after that).  I made my first work trip when Daughter Person was 8 weeks old – 2 days after coming back from maternity leave “part-time”.  Unfortunately, that leaves Dad taking care of a lot while I’m gone.

Dad and I have our “gender roles” reversed: I’m the handy(wo)man, and he’s the cook.  It works out for us.  Although it does present interesting situations when someone’s talking to him as if he’s making the decision…

I suffer(ed) from Postpartum Depression after Daughter Person was born, and it has caused no end of trouble for me and my family since she was born (and really beforehand).  I want to make sure that other mothers don’t feel alone if they think they hate their child – it’s OK, it’s “normal” for PPD and you can get better.  Look to Postpartum Progress for some tips on coping and stories of other women.  You can also contact me at mom at 3isplenty dot com if you want to talk.

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