Long weekend and more stuff out of the house

Total items out of the house: 43/365

In addition to about 5 DVDs/games that I sent out via Amazon.  I also got rid of 5 items via Freecycle, and 2 via craigslist.  It took a lot of e-mails and phone calls to get everything arranged, but I did and the stuff is gone.  Daughter Person doesn’t even miss the toys we sent packing.  And I don’t miss the old baby bathtubs in the way any more.

I have carpal tunnel, which acts up when I’m stupid enough to use the scroll wheel on the mouse, and since I was doing a lot of reading at work the last week or so, I really screwed up my hand, wrist, arm and shoulder.  I’ve spent the last few nights in a wrist brace, which has worked well, and I took off today with Daughter Person to let it rest even more.  I’ve been trying to avoid using the computer, and I’ve done pretty well, but I’m still a computer person at heart, and without something else to occupy my time, I end up on the computer.  Luckily, I found a few really good books through the Kindle lending library and I focused on reading those rather than doing something on the computer.  As you can tell, I’m back (and I’m done with the whole series…).  Typing doesn’t bother me as much as using the mouse, so as long as I remember my keyboard shortcuts, I’m OK.

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