Expensive Children’s Clothing

Seriously?  WTOP has an article on designer clothes for toddlers.  I can’t believe that any sane person would pay that much for clothes that will be too small in a year or less!  I try to pay the least amount possible for Daughter Person’s clothes – usually leaving the clothes purchasing to grandma who has a Kohl’s card, a senior discount, and time to search through the clearance rack.  I think the most I’ve ever spent on an outfit for Daughter Person was $20 – and even then, I drooled over it for a month before I finally bought it (when I had a Kohl’s 30% coupon!).  I try to never spend more than $7 or $8 for an outfit.  I mean, she’s going to grow out of it in a year-ish, and it’s going to get food all over it, pee on the bottoms, and general toddler messiness.

Sure, I’ll buy a few nice outfits from the consignment store, but even then, I might only spend $5.  (I can’t even sell her stuff at consignment because it’s too “cheap” to start with.  I’ll still take your 50 cents please.)

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