Bad week in the parenting department

This week has been a horrible week for me in the parenting department.  I mentioned previously that I suffer(ed) from post-partum depression, and a year after I started meds, it’s acting up again.  This week I’ve regretted ever becoming a parent.  I know that it’s my screwed up brain chemistry talking, but it’s still upsetting to feel like this – especially a year after I started the meds.

Daughter Person isn’t really helping either – she’s a miserable person to be around after daycare because she didn’t get two naps, and she’s been clingy to me specifically.  I’m trying really hard to not take out my frustration on her, but Dad ends up getting it instead.

Dad’s picking her up from daycare tonight, and I’m going to do who knows what in the 2.5 hours between leaving work and Daughter Person coming home.  Maybe I’ll take that opportunity to exercise and nap.


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